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Dual Management

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Dual Management

It is not like a recruitment agency service, dual management is a partnership between our company – your company and the management of staff for the client.

Full Oversight in Staff

All Admin Tasks Handled
For You

Guidance on TUPE For
Existing Staff

24/7 Response Service

In addition, we aim for all staff to have the knowledge required to aid with an incident should it occur.

By placing special emphasis on the quality of staff who are employed and the screening process, we ensure that not only do all individuals have the requisite skills, but the British Standards requirements are met. We also ensure that all staff is provided with a uniform and an ID Badge as we understand how important it is to uphold the reputation of the company.

Less administrative tasks:

To ensure all staff fulfil their potential and create a lasting impression, a custom – made training program will be created, whether permanent or those providing cover, to ensure that each has the skillset and support required to carry out their role.

We can help with mobilizing new sites or provide guidance on TUPE for existing staff – ensuring that in both scenarios our process is legally compliant.

Saving on management costs

Tailored to each clients needs, we can invite you and insight you into how costs can be saved with dual management.

24/7 Response Services:

Senior management will carry out routine site visits to ensure the client’s expectations are met and that staff welfare is maintained.

Using technology we can provide you with the ability to view staff schedules and allow you to oversee the running of the site remotely. This tool allows clients to have further confidence in the management of their staff. To support the success of our teams a 24/7 response service can also be provided.

Tailored recruitment process

The recruitment and management of staff can sometimes be a time – consuming task. Using our extensive knowledge of the industry and personnel experience, we aim to take the hassle away, by outsourcing the management of your staff to Pro Sentry , we can oversee the hiring, management and administrative duties – ranging from recruitment, employment contracts, appraisals and payroll.


Accreditations and Certifications

Our accreditations are evidence of our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of occupational health and safety.


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