Our Services



We understand that in an increasingly demanding market, partnering with the right concierge service will enable you to provide the highest customer service to your clients. By having dedicated employees who are trained and mentored to enable them to achieve their full potential, residents benefit from concierge who take the time and effort to ensure the community they are part of are positively engaged and involved.

We work with clients to gain an in depth understanding of each site, so a tailored service can be delivered which caters for the needs of the residents and enhances the community ethos by providing a safe and secure environment.

We pride ourselves on putting customer service at the forefront of what we do, so residents feel informed and supported. All our staff are:

  • SIA Licensed

  • Trained Fire Wardens

  • Conversant with Health & Safety Practices

  • Aware of Counter Terrorism Initiatives

We aim to ensure that staff have the knowledge required to aid with an incident should it occur.

By placing special emphasis on the quality of staff who are employed and the screening process, we ensure that not only do all individuals have the requisite skills, but the British Standards requirements are met. We also ensure that all staff are provided with a uniform and an ID Badge as we understand how important it is to uphold the reputation of the company.

Waking Watch

We understand the importance of ensuring the safety and welfare of our clients’ residents, visitors and employees. Waking Watch officers, including Fire Wardens and Watchmen, play a vital role in this protective measure for commercial and residential premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Waking Watch officers have a duty to be vigilant and pro-active to notice any changes which may compromise safety at their respective sites. This service is provided to a range of premises, including residential high rise building, low rise buildings where cladding may be of concern and commercial units.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and passion to provide a high quality service tailored to our clients’ needs. We provide the following to complement our service:

  • Equipment

  • Ongoing communication with the local London Fire Brigade (LFB)

  • Individual online client logins to access our portal and review patrolling logs

  • Welfare facilities for our employees

  • Ongoing site specific training and accredited training by an examining body

Our Waking Watch employees are experienced, professional and customer service focused. They are proud of the role they play in protecting the safety of residents, visitors and employees; and maintain peace of mind and confidence in respect of their safety.



We are committed to providing Professional Security Officers. All personnel are naturally calm, friendly, approachable individuals. With each development being unique, we undertake a comprehensive risk assessment which measures threats and vulnerabilities resulting in a targeted security plan, which when implemented, provides the highest level of security to the occupants and premises.

With Pro Sentry holding approved SIA contractor status, you can be confident that the employment practices have been extensively assessed in respect of quality and every private security operative deployed to the premises will be working in accordance with best practices.

To complement the training received from SIA, all security staff are also trained to understand the importance of:

  • Customer Service

  • Health & Safety

  • Access Control

  • Perimeter & Internal Patrols

  • Use of CCTV Footage and Data Protection

  • Effective Completion of Logs

  • Incident Reporting Procedures

With the approved contractor status being recognised by the police, there is the advantage of an enhanced working relationship and the possibility of joint initiatives. Working collaboratively with other stakeholders a wider encompassing security service can be created and delivered that provides residents with peace of mind.




We provide a reliable and efficient cleaning service at competitive rates, with highly trained, trustworthy and conscientious staff. Our cleaning services will provide you with a professional image and a clean, fresh environment for your clients and residents, tailored according to the nature of the building. We continually search for new and innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products without compromising on performance.

We promote an open approach to our partnerships, with reports from scheduled and unscheduled visits routinely provided and regular management meetings actively encouraged to discuss performance, action plans and feedback from end users. We recognise the need to adapt and evolve, to ensure the service delivered remains in line with expectations.

Our contract management processes are built around the ISO9001 accreditation, which is a globally recognised accreditation. This accreditation highlights our commitment towards providing a quality service which is achieved through our operating and business procedures and is implemented via our management team. Through promoting stringent standards, it allows performance to be measured with ease and for there to be clear objectives.

Via a hands-on management approach, the nurturing of relationships and carefully planned schedules, clients can be assured that all aspects of the service will be handled diligently, with the utmost professionalism and care.