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Cleaning & Maintenance

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Cleaning & Maintenance

We provide a reliable and efficient cleaning service at competitive rates, with highly trained, trustworthy, and conscientious staff. Our cleaning services will provide you with a professional image and a clean, fresh environment for your clients and residents, tailored according to the nature of the building.

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We continually search for new and innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products without compromising on performance.

We promote an open approach to our partnerships, with reports from scheduled and unscheduled visits routinely provided and regular management meetings actively encouraged to discuss performance, action plans, and feedback from end-users. We recognize the need to adapt and evolve, to ensure the service delivered remains in line with expectations.

Our contract management processes are built around the ISO9001 accreditation, which is a globally recognized accreditation. This accreditation highlights our commitment towards providing a quality service which is achieved through our operating and business procedures and is implemented via our management team. Through promoting stringent standards, allows performance to be measured with ease and for there to be clear objectives.

Via a hands-on management approach, the nurturing of relationships, and carefully planned schedules, clients can be assured that all aspects of the service will be handled diligently, with the utmost professionalism and care.


Accreditations and Certifications

Our accreditations are evidence of our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of occupational health and safety.


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